Eco Friendly

Our Cottage strives to live up to its name. Named after Sir David Attenborough our cottage is always looking for ways to be eco-friendly. You can read our blog post Going Green to see our plans. But here is what we have already done and are committed to doing:

  • We provide reusable plastic wrap/ an alternative to cling film/cellophane called Bumble Wrap
  • We provide compostable bin bags, compostable sponges, and compostable dish scrubs/scourers and use non-plastic and natural cleaning products from Eco Vibe.
  • Our towels are made from soft, eco-friendly Bamboo (produces 35% more oxygen than trees) and you can find them on (ask us for our discount code!)
  • Our toilet paper is sourced from eco-friendly, sustainably packaged Bamboo too from our suppliers .
  • Our hand washes and shampoos are sourced from, who are committed to being a sustainable business. We refill our wash products/bottles from them.
  • We provide a washing machine and only provide 1 set of clean towels, and bed linen, such that you may reuse the towels and other linen during your stay.
  • We don’t use bin liners in our bathroom to save on plastic.
  • Where possible we source products locally to save on transportation. We use fresh products in any hampers and local businesses to provide them.

These are the things we do – but we know there is a lot more to do and a long way to go!

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