The Great British Staycation

More staycations than ever before are predicted as the UK edges out of summer and into autumnal and winter breaks post lockdown easement. Many booking websites including Air B&B are reporting up to 300% more people looking at properties this year compared with this time last year.

People are hesitant to go abroad, and technically for a long time unless without very good reason they are totally unable to do so. The hesitancy comes from the number of people who were forced to quarantine when they got to or back from countries, and even with insurance, it is difficult and unpleasant to picture spending an entire week completely indoors in a hotel due to unpredictable pandemic conditions.

Who needs New Zealand – when you’ve got Wales?

Air B & B publishes data about it’s most popular areas, for a fee of course, but what this tends to show is a huge upward trend in the beautiful Wales, United Kingdom. Air B& B keeps track of its users and where they are from, so prudent holiday let owners can target their advertisements to those people of areas most interested in their local area.

As soon as things opened up in April, the increase in people looking to stay in Wales has risen.

There are plenty of families and friends, making up for celebrations, birthdays and so on that they missed out on.. in some cases for over a year. The self-catered option is proving to be most popular with families, including those who want to go away with their parents or elderly relatives and this is to them one of the safest option – avoiding planes and trains. Quite simply many of the borders to the countries we’d like to visit remain firmly closed, and travel restrictions in the UK and rules about travel remain strict and confusing.

SO Good thing we have curated a huge list of popular attractions in South Wales to aid the nation in planning their all important stays with us, which you can find here and we know this will appeal to those with children, dogs and the like! We cater now for couples, families and those with 4 legged family members. We aim to be a little different, providing top-notch local advice, luxury linen, and all your home and creature comforts including wi-fi, full stocked kitchen and firewood for the wood burner in these winter months.

We are already fast booking up for the rest of October, November and December. December is an interesting one, with many people choosing to stay away in the UK – more than ever before and some for the very first time.

Dates in Mind? Make an enquiry with us directly and get the best deal.

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