Going Green

We opened our cottage in November 2020, and since then, I’ve learnt a lot about the cottage and the area. The cottage is 170 odd years old, and it has an oil boiler, wood burner and other things which we know are not very ideal for the environment. Also since running the booking on booking.com and Air B & B, I’ve been making note a bit more about what sort of things we can do to help the environment.. and what we can do to encourage our guests to be environmentally responsible.

Our cottage is called Attenborough Cottage for a reason.. and it’s exactly the reason you are thinking of. The cottage is surrounded by nature and to me nature, greenery and animals are synonymous with Sir David Attenborough.

Yesterday I was reading an article on the BBC about the death of a 9 year old girl due to pollution in London, UK and it was bringing home this idea even more to me, that things need to change. I also am in the process of selling my car, I will be sharing one of the other cars in the household and have pledged that my next car that I purchase is electric.

Fossil Fuel Usage

So, we’re definitely planning to swap out our boiler from Oil to Electric heating. We will do whatever it takes, as this is our primary concern. Oil can leak, and cause horrible environmental damage as well as the fumes it releases into the atmosphere. I cannot think of any reason, if we can financially afford it – not to swap to electric.

Recyled Toilet Paper

We are looking to move to providing guests with recycled or bamboo toilet paper. I am currently researching brands for this. It should not be putting us out too much in the cost of this, and we’re looking at this.

Recycling in general – Let’s make it easy..

The next concern is recyling, and ensuring we have the right tools to compost. One of the things I really like about Wales is their commitment to recycling.. but our guests come from all over, mostly England with the pandemic but we do things very differently.. so I’m preparing a list of how to recycle and it will be included in our welcome pack (which is also a big work in progress.. and to be honest, to save paper I think I’ll make it digital). The below is also going to be included on a new page on the website with more instructions on how to do things in the cottage.. even if it’s just how to connect to our wifi.

Something else?

If you stayed with us, and you think there was something we could do better to be more environmentally friendly please do let us know. We are very open to suggestions on how to improve on this and any area you find needs improvement.

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