Getting here, and getting around

Currently we are working on creating our own guide but please use our Air B n B guide, and see this post for how to get to and from the nearest town, shopping, airports etc.

Our Guide to Travelling From Abroad

If you are travelling from outside of the United Kingdom, you will likely fly into Cardiff Airport, or one of the London airports such as Heathrow or Gatwick.

Flying in to Cardiff

Cardiff airport is the closest airport to our location, at just under an hour drive and probably the best if you are planning to visit Wales, or this is your primary purpose of staying. You could use UBER to get a taxi, or hop in a taxi at the airport itself or we can arrange a taxi for you. However, if you are coming to stay with us – it is highly recommended that you rent a car, but, there are many local walks and buses.

Flying in to London

London is nearly a 3 hour journey from our cottage. It is quite the drive from the airport.

Tips for Travel in General

Be aware there is a very, very sharp/tight left turn if you are coming from the North of the country/north of the property.

How to find us

You may spot our cottage by it’s sage green door with diamond window and black circular knocker.

Getting Around Locally

Once you are here.. there is a direct bike route into the nearest town of Tredegar which is just under 2 miles away. You may also walk the same route and it really is beautiful.

Local Shops of Note – please see our Air B n B guide and the “Essentials” section for where to get groceries and essentials.


If you prefer to travel by bus or would like to pop to Cardiff or any nearby towns and do not have a car or, just prefer to bus it – the bus station is at the very top of the road and the buses tend to come by every hour.

You can look up the exact times on the below website but tends to be 10 to the hour going South to Blackwood/Newport and 25 past going up to toward our nearest town of Tredegar itself.

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