Bedwellty Pits : The History Behind Our Miners Cottage

It is always interesting to understand the history of where you are staying, particularly when you stay in a 170 year old cottage. Attenborough in Bedwellty Pits, Tredegar is situated in an area that used to be a colliery in the 1800s. Nature has taken back the colliery, and there are brown trout and peregrine falcon in the now luscious nature spot. You see the remains, of the industrial past still embedded in the various walking routes throughout the area which makes a very interesting thing to see intertwined in nature.

2 thoughts on “Bedwellty Pits : The History Behind Our Miners Cottage

  1. I wanted to introduce myself as I am in the process of buying next door number 22.
    We too are looking at a more green heating system and would find am comments you have very interesting
    We are looking into fossil fuel also, but it is looking extremely expensive as is electric heating atm…


    1. Hi Deb

      A very warm welcome from Bedwellty Pits! Are you going to live there yourself or? Let us know if we can help.. we’d love more people on the street to go green. I’ve got a quote for installation and it isn’t that expensive for the boiler itself compared to gas and oil. If my guy does the work or gets booked in to do the work during the slow season you’re welcome to have his details he may be willing to do both same time or something.. just as an idea!

      Fossil fuel is still pretty bad for the environment so we definitely don’t want that– even though some providers get their electricity via fossil fuels, we know this will not be the case in the future, and we want to put the necessary options in place to have more choice when it comes to energy provider. Oil is very restrictive. We expect there will be a phase out of oil related companies and replacement boilers and trained persons to do the work in the next 10 years or so, and therefore for maintenance it seems a better idea to go electric.. I believe number 22 has oil heating as do all or what I expect would be the majority of houses on the street. As far as I’m aware there are no gas lines so you’d be finding it hard to do that.. and electric is the best bet, but, there are many things to consider when fitting an electric boiler – and the fuse box is one of them.. the fuse box in our property and wiring was completely replaced, and on older properties this is expensive to do.. not sure the state of the fuse box of no 22, but I’ve been inside so am aware it was renovated and so I expect — may have had the work done to that as well.

      Welcome to shoot me an email or text if you like all my details are on this website as you’ve found!

      All the best,


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